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08 diciembre 2015
It’s coming up to the end of my tenth year at Genesys and working with RO membranes. For the 18 years prior to that I had been involved in boiler and cooling water treatment and control of pathogenic microorganisms in water systems. I remember my
02 diciembre 2015
I was asked to cover innovations in membrane cleaning. It was a well-attended session and resulted in some intense debate afterwards. If you would like to view the webinar please contact As I learnt from my very first membr
10 noviembre 2015
The islands around the world often have unique water supply issues and island-based companies have become an important part of the Genesys distributor network. Our first major work for an island community was through Richard Martin in the Canary Is
08 octubre 2015
Genesol 61 has been very effective at cleaning complex deposits of clay, biofilm and metal oxides. Using Genesol 61 for cleaning in place offers the following advantages: -reduced membrane damage thanks to the neutral pH -the EDTA [https://
02 octubre 2015
Our network of over 60 distributors enables us to supply our specialist antiscalant and membrane cleaning technology worldwide. The distributors are critical to our business, so every two years we hold a conference to thank them for all their hard wo
29 septiembre 2015
IDA San Diego in September was the 5th IDA world congress I’ve been to. It was a superbly organised event, featuring some very interesting technical content, so I was glad to be there. However I found myself questioning whether the expense of trave
07 septiembre 2015
We’re delighted to announce that a new recruit, Jonathan Cook, has joined us as technical assistant. Jonathan did a great job working with us in the labs last summer on a student placement. We were delighted to welcome him back on a permanent ba
11 mayo 2015
Immediately after the EDS conference, Ursula will be hot-footing it over to Portofino for the IDA’s two-day international conference, held in co-operation with the Rotary Club La Spezia. Part of the conference proceeds will be donated to a water-re
10 mayo 2015
Usula Annunziata, Stephane Jarrige and Jonathan Hamp are currently attending the EDS’s 7th EuroMed conference on Desalination for Clean Water and Energy at the NH Hotel in Palermo, Italy. As EDS president, Ursula will be making a welcome speech e
05 mayo 2015
Max Fazel has been beavering away at our UK lab looking at alternatives to the commonly-used ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) with a comparable cleaning effect but a much improved environmental profile. He has come up with a very interesting ne

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